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2212, 2014


Eircom have an offer running at present until the end of February 2013, this offer entails free connection for either a 16 line or 30 line ISDN Circuit, called Fractional Rate (FRA) or Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) Lines. These lines from Eircom normally come at a cost of €3,500 for

2212, 2014

Real Value in Technology when Travelling…VOIP and DropBox

It seems that each year when travelling to whatever exotic  spot Ericsson-LG bring us to, a flight to Seoul will always be amongst them. Writing
this in Hong Kong airport, I see great value in things I either couldn’t do or did not know how to do, 12 months previously.

There was the

2212, 2014

Is Social Media Taking Over.. ???

We’ve all been at events, whether conferences, presentations or meetings, where we’ve been asked to ensure our mobile phones are turned off, or in silent mode at least. This was to ensure that the event could run without the interruption of a ringtone, or in some some “amazing” cases ,

2212, 2014

What is SIP Trunking..?

SIP and SIP Trunking is becoming more and more the standard used by companies like ourselves to show cost savings for businesses of all sizes. This blog examines what is SIP Trunking as many business owners are unaware what exactly it means.

First of all lets get SIP out of the way,

2212, 2014

7 Ways SIP Trunking Can Help your Business

Following on from going through what SIP Trunking is, here’s our list of what 7 Ways SIP Trunking can help your business function and communicate better.

1)      Redundancy: When your ISDN/PSTN or PRI Lines fail, this can mean lost revenue for a business, adding a SIP Trunk to your business phone system