iPECS_UCP_55The iPECS UCP PBX is a Pure IP Phone system solution designed to deliver market leading IP features and reliability. This award winning product is ideally suited to Businesses, needing a phone system which is flexible and can deliver powerful voice applications. The iPECS UCP is a Unified Communications Server, with Desktop , Mobile and Click Call applications included as standard.

Also given its unique distributed architecture, multi site Companies are well catered for , and home workers are sleamlessy added without the need for a VPN connection…

Would love to see it in action….? The Ericsson LG team will demonstrate the system for you along with all of the powerful applications that are built in..


Ericsson LG’s iPECS UCP system, comes with a rich set of easy to use features and broad range of optional applications hardware and software that make the iPECS UCP system the obvious solution for your business communications.

Key Features

  • Pure IP
  • Onboard Voicemail and Auto Attendant
  • Easy to Use Web Admin
  • Conference Bridge
  • Mobile app with BLF
  • VOIP Ready
  • SIP / H.323
  • Unified Communications as Standard
  • Unified Messaging – Voicemail to email
  • Hotel Features available
  • Call Centre Functionality OnBoard

System Options

The iPECS UCP system can be configured to support, ISDN Lines (BRI), PSTN Lines, PRI (Primary Rate ISDN or Fractional Rate ISDN ) as well as IP (SIP) Lines. The UCP system can also connect a wide range of terminal options, companies using the UCP system will use IP Phones in the main, but The UCP can also support Digital, Analogue and Dect Terminals as well as applications to allow for Unified Communications, IP Call Recording an Call Centre Reporting.

The iPECS UCP systems all have been proven in the Irish market to work extremely well with Voice products from Eir (Eircom), UPC, Magnet and IP voice products from all the leading SIP Carriers in the Irish market, such as IP Telecom, In2Tel, Intellicom and UPC.

The UCP Controller comes in 3 options :

UCP 100 : 200 Port System with 50 Ports enabled by default
UCP 600 : 600 Port System with 100 Ports enabled by default
UCP 2400 : 2400 Port System with 600 Ports enabled by default

Each controller comes with built in Unified Communications Clients, as well as Mobile apps and Click Call Licences.

System Additions

The iPECS UCP platform delivers high quality call recording solutions, recording to Voicemail is included as standard, while a more detailed and powerful solution is Ericsson LG’s IPCR system.

For mobility the UCP users can utilise the Onboard UC Mobile Clients, as well as integrated Dect, Wireless IP Phones and IP Dect Solutions.

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