Want Reliable Call Recording software that has been optimized to work with your existing IPECs System?

Integrated IP Call Recording

iPECS IP Call Recording (IPCR) is a call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrated with iPECS Call Servers optimized for small and medium sized offices and contact centers. IPCR is designed as a simple and cost effective solution, while it delivers powerful value added features. iPECS IPCR can meet the needs of robust call recording to ensure regulatory compliance and quality management.

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  • Real time monitoring and recording Single server for recording all terminals
  • Remote call recording
  • Search and play recordings
  • Distributed recording
  • Intuitive display of statistics
  • Conference recording


IPECs IPCR also supports the following features, Single Server for recording all terminals, Remote Call Recording, Distributed recording, Encryption enabled Recording, Conference recording, Real time monitoring and recording, Search and Play recordings, Intuitive display and Statistics and more, to Find out more information please read the Data Sheet provided or get in contact with us!



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