what is sip trunking

SIP and SIP Trunking is becoming more and more the standard used by companies like ourselves to show cost savings for businesses of all sizes. This blog examines what is SIP Trunking as many business owners are unaware what exactly it means.

First of all lets get SIP out of the way, SIP is a standard protocol (Session Initiation Protocol) , which is used to transmit Voice and Video over Data (IP) Networks. Trunking is the industry term associated with Telephone Lines. You may also have heard of VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, SIP is a standard that works under this heading.

So putting the 2 together you get a Telephone Line service that is transmitted over an Internet/Data Connection. Up to now, most businesses will have installed Telephone Lines such as PSTN , ISDN and Pri Circuits in their premises from Eircom,O2 etc. SIP Trunking will eventually completely replace these connections as the primary connection servicing the Telecommunication needs of a business. 4

Adoption of SIP Trunks will come from better availability of reliable Internet bandwidth from our domestic ISP’s. Eircom’s E-Fibre roll out will certainly help any business looking to deploy SIP Trunking as an alternative to standrd PSTN and ISDN Lines.

A SIP Trunk can be obtained from many different vendors, although even though the protocol is designed to be common across all variances , this generally is not the case. Each vendor will provide SIP Trunk accounts in different forms and for different prices.

You will find some vendors that will charge a monthly fixed fee for a standard bundle of calls, generally local, National and UK Landline calls, and a certain number of Irish mobile minutes, others will simply go for a pay as you go service with a small service fee depending on the number of lines you require. So when choosing a vendor for SIP Trunks,please contact your Telephone System Supplier/Maintainer for recommendations, as in all cases some are more reliable than others.

The great thing about SIP Trunking, is that once your Internet or Data Connection is adequate, you can support as many lines as you require without having to order new lines and wait for weeks for provision of new services.

In a future blog I will outline what exactly a SIP Trunk can do for your business…

So :SIP Trunks : An Alternative to existing Telephone Lines (Internet Connection dependant)

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