Need to stay connected and optimize your Business Communication Connection even when you’re not sitting at your desk?


iPECS UCS (Unified Communications Solution) is a Unified Communications application that enables users to boost up their productivity from anywhere with any devices. Recently, distributed work environment has posed significant challenges for employees, and making it harder to stay connected. Effective and efficient communications are critical for all businesses to better serve their customers, stay competitive in market and to expand their global presence. iPECS UCS streamlines communications and enhances productivity with unifying presence, instant messaging, voice, video, audio/video conference, sharing features and so on. All collaboration tools are provided to ensure secure delivery of messages to a variety of devices including desktop, tablet and smart phone. The flexible deployment model allows users to communicate and collaborate more effectively as long as they stay connected on the Internet, creating ubiquitous working environment.

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  • No Communication Delays with Integrated Presence
  • Instant Messaging and Flexibility among Collaboration Tools
  • Improve Team Performance with Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Efficient Investment for Diverse Business Environment
  • Business purpose secure UC solution
  • CRM Integration


UCS is available on both Android and IOS Devices!! Check out the videos below for more information!




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